April 4, 2012

Where do white people come from?

White people are white because they come from a cold snowy region. The more its white and cold outside over the thousands of years you will become white. For example lets use polar bears they are all white but if they were in the hot sun they would be black or brown. If people in Africa were not so hot they would not be so black now would they. I think that people adapt to their climate. So white people came from up north where it is snowy and icebergs.

Why are white people white?
Because they are from places like Germany where everything else is white. Think about it if your surroundings where white you would be white as well. 

Why isn't everyone else white?
Because they have more sunlight they tan more so their skin becomes darker and darker until their kids become darker and darker so that it's in their genes now.

Are white people blonde haired blue eyed white devils?
Yes we all know that white people are evil and believe in racism and slaves, but the north wins slavery is bad. 


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