April 1, 2012

Why am I fat?

You are probably fat because you eat more calories than you burn on a daily basis and as you do this for a long period of time you will become fat. Just know people can be fat for many reasons. Think about this. Are your parents fat? Do you eat a good sized dinner every night. Do you exercise daily?

Why am I fat? - Reasons you may be Fat
  • Eating too much fast food - Fast food contains tons of carbs, fats, and calories
  • Not proportioned Diet - A unbalanced meal can lead to you gaining weight and  being fat
  • Not Exercising - Regular exercise will help you burn fat and stay in shape

Ways to Burn Fat and Become Skinny
If you are looking for ways to become skinny you should just stop go out side and start jogging around the block at a really slow pace do about 2 laps. Drink water to keep hydrated while exercising. After that i want you to rest for about 6 minutes. Go back out side and do more laps then rest again Do this every day. If you cant jog do something else. As long as you break a sweat your doing something.


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